Pyoor Automower program

The benefits are many but they are even greater when neighbors go noise free together.

  • NOISE FREE. Never a mowing machine to disturb you again   
  • The GRASS QUALITY will improve and achieve a beautiful and carpet like look lawn   
  •  PERFECTLY CUT LAWN AT ALL TIME. Lawn will constantly have a nice and even cut. Not only once a week   
  • NO LARGE LANDSCAPING TRUCKS and trailers blocking roads and driveways for weekly lawn care services   
  •  EMISSION FREE. Reducing carbon footprint   
  • LIFE QUALITY for pollen allergy sufferers and asthmatics will improve. Continuous mowing keeps grass short so plant allergens cannot become airborne   
  • No need to spend anymore money on TICK CONTROL. The automowers decreases the likelihood of having ticks in the grass   

Pyoor SeAMLeSS Subscription Package

Keep your awesome landscaper while outsource only the weekly mowing and edge trimming to us

  • No involvement from the home-owner is needed in regards to mowing and lawn edge trimming   
  • Property assessment   
  • 30-days automower money-back guarantee   
  • Customer leases the automower   
  • Weekly grass trimming of lawn edges   
  • Pyoor professionally installs, monitors & operates (24/7), and maintains the automower    
  • Frequent cleaning and brushing of the robot   
  • Unlimited replacement of blades   
  • Automower pickup in the fall for winter storage   
  • Re-installation of the automower in the spring  


What if you’re new in town and don’t have an awesome landscaper

Sign up for our other emission- and noise free lawn care services

1. Lawn care and bed services


- Grass edge trimming

- Weeding of flowerbeds

- Pruning & trimming of shrubs

- Mulching

- Spot seeding

- Aeration

2. Spring clean-up


- Tine rake dethatching

- Clearing leaves & branches

- Weeding of flower beds

- Re-edging of beds and lawns

3. Fall clean-up


- Leaf removal

- Pruning & trimming