We look forward to devote our best work and to provide you with our community friendly lawn care service


  • Pyoor’s mission statement is to deliver a seamless and environmental friendly landscaping service product to our members by utilizing cutting edge robot and battery technology. We’re devoted to exceptional work and our choice to serve communities with care should by no means lower the quality of our end product. In fact, with the usage of automowers, the end lawn result is proven to be greener, fuller and healthier than by using the traditional mowers
  • Pyoor is devoted to create a property free of any contamination and noise from lawn-care services. Pyoor has also listened to the people of several communities where it’s clear that a major issue to the landscaping services today is the large trucks and trailers that block driveways and roads. We strive hard to solve this issue for our customers. Pyoor utilizes small electrical vehicles for the weekly lawn care services. With the usage of automowers and other small battery tools we don’t need to transport heavy duty gas mowers and equipment. However, in order to fulfill the seamless landscaping process we urge all customers to utilize our robotic mowers to all of their lawn areas that is possible for an automower to cover. Only in that way, we can eliminate the large trucks and trailers parking on roads and driveways for the weekly services. Additionally, the quality of your grass will only improve to the better with automowers. The robotic mowers cuts little grass on a continuous basis from different directions where the clippings are small enough to be recycled back into the soil as a natural fertilizer. The result is a greener and healthier lawn
  • It’s important for us to provide cost visibility to our members. Pyoor is therefore applying a subscription model where the lawn care packages are based on an annual fee that is divided up in twelve equal monthly instalments
  • By utilizing Pyoor you will never be disturbed by a mowing machine on your property again, and there will be no need for any outsized trucks and trailers for the weekly mowing & trimming service. The grass quality will improve and your lawn will achieve a beautiful and carpet-like look